No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, and disciplined But no life is ever happy until it is lived for the glory of God Keep the faith

Someday somehow watever u prayed for will COME TRUE...
It may not be in the exact pakage u wanted...
But.. It will be what GOD thinks is best for YOU...

The breeze has awakened the earth, and sun has coloured our world The birds have added melody to the morning & I hope I am not late to wish you Gud Morning

The more u count ur blessings, the more blessings u will have, to count! I always do, and I count u as the nicest blessing! God Bless u each day!
Good Morning! Have a nice day

Faith makes everything possible, Hope makes everything work, Love makes everything beautiful May u have all the three as u begin each day Gud Morning.

Happiness keeps u Sweet; Trials Make u Strong; Sorrows keep u Human; Failure makes u Humble; Success keeps u glowing & God keeps u going! God Bless U!

A Morning is a wonderful blessing, either Cloudy or Sunny It stands for hope, giving us another start of what we call Life Gud Morning & Have a nice day.

Life ends when u stop Dreaming; Hope ends when u stop Believing; Luv ends when u stop Caring; So Dream, Believe n Care, Life is really Beautiful.

Don’t take life too seriously & always find time to laugh coz laughter not only add years to ur life, but adds more Life to ur Years Have nice day

Knock! Knock! May I come into ur world? I bring no flowers, no gifts but wishes to keep u fresh, prayers to keep u healthy & luv to keep u smiling Gud Morning!

Please open ur eyes, so the Sun can rise, flowers can blossom, birds can sing, as all r waitin to see a beautiful SMILE in ur face & say Gud Morning

Life is only traveled once; today's moment becomes tomorrow's memory Njoy every moment, gud or bad, coz the GIFT of LIFE is LIFE itself Have a nice day.

Smile in pleasure, smile in pain; Smile when trouble pours like rain; Smile when someone hurts U, Smile coz someone cares 4 U Keep Smiling

Life is an echo; all comes back, the gud, the bad, the false, and the true So, give the world the best u have & the best will come back to u Have a gr8 day.

Pyari si morning mein, pyare se mausam mein, pyari si koyal ki awaaz, pyari si hawaon mein, sabse pyare insaan ko Good Morning

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